art by  Lauren Kerr


Caitlin is currently developing a new theater work with playwright Mara Thomas for a full production at The Tank in June of 2019. Titled YEAR OF THE MONKEY, this play is a surreal horror show centered on a squadron of warriors who use their feminine intuition/rage/rituals/nature power to wage literal war on the patriarchy in the jungle, Green Beret-style. Think Audre Lorde & Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés do Apocalypse Now.

Caitlin & Mara were recently awarded creative residencies with Drop Forge & Tool in Hudson, New York, and the Turkeyland Cove Foundation on Martha’s Vineyard to continue to develop YEAR OF THE MONKEY for an Artistic Residency at The Tank, in Manhattan.


Caitlin will once again be appearing in the ensemble of Gethsemane Herron & Katherine Wilkinson’s LORDES, developed while both were receiving their Masters’ at Columbia University. LORDES will be part of the Ice Factory festival at the New Ohio in downtown Manhattan, July 30-August 3, 2019.



Caitlin is also developing a 3-person adaptation of Seneca’s Medea with longtime collaborator Lucius Robinson for the 2019 Charm City Fringe in Baltimore.


Caitlin is also an intern with The Wooster Group, the experimental downtown theater company founded in 1975 by Liz LeCompte, Kate Valk, Spalding Gray, Ron Vawter, Peyton Smith, Jim Clayburgh, and Willem Dafoe.